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We are the first SEO Training Center in Bangladesh who is providing the SEO with real life project for our students. You will get a chance to work with a client’s website during our Training session. During SEO Training Session we will give you the exact and effective guideline which is very much necessary to build your career as a SEO professional in this SEO industry. Now a days lots of bullshits CD’s and online tutorial which is not able to make your career as a SEO professional because they are not meet the exact SEO guideline and latest SEO technique! Once you get admission we will never offer 3/4 students (One batch One student)or not giving any CD’s because day by day search engine rules and guideline has been changed. If you would like to learn Real SEO then contact with us right now! Our most of the student working with us and doing well in top listed freelancer platform. So come to learn not to quite!

Hundreds of SEO students able to make his/her career as an SEO professional from us. A large number of SEO expert working on different outsourcing marketplace and able to make money online.. we are very much proud that few of them are able to prove their expertise around SEO industry, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and others platform. Dedication and a quick learner is the best way to survive and enhance there career! We are the first SEO Training center in Bangladesh who provide the real-life SEO during our training session.

Our Success SEO Students

SEO training in Bangladesh
SEO training in Bangladesh
SEO training in Bangladesh
SEO training in Bangladesh
SEO training in Bangladesh
SEO training in Bangladesh
SEO training in Bangladesh
SEO training in Bangladesh
SEO training in Bangladesh
SEO training in Bangladesh
SEO training in Bangladesh
SEO training in Bangladesh

Course Name: Beginner/Advanced Professional SEO and Internet Marketing
Course Duration: 3 Months
Day & Time: 3 Days in a week
Outside of Dhaka :(Over Online Skype, Team Viewer and other Tools)
International Student:(Support with Skype, Team Viewer)
Special Take Care: Real Life Project during SEO Training Session
Course Fee: 30,000 Taka
New Batch: Available
International Student Fee: 500 USD
Total Lecture will be 30-35 with one Real Life Project. Each Class duration at list 2/3 hours.

Call: +880 1720012350, +880 1970012350, +880 1873012350

This course give you the overall clear concept around SEO industry to make your career as a SEO professional. here you will be able to learn SEO’s improtance and how to impact on Digital Marketing!

Introduction about SEO and Search Engine Introduction about SEO and Digital Marketing
What is SEO, SEO Training in Bangladesh What is SEO?
How SEO works in Internet Marketing? (Search Engine Optimization)?
Why we learn SEO, SEO Training in Bangladesh Why we learn SEO?
Why SEO demand increase day by day?
What is Search Engine?
How Search Engine work?
How a website promote by using SEO, SMM. PPC and other methods How a website promote by using SEO, SMM, PPC and other methods
What is Search Engine Algorithm?
What is Robot/Spider and how it’s work?
Benefits/ Advantages, Importance of SEO.
When people use Search Engine?
How People search on Search Engine?
What is Keyword?
Why SEO needed for a new website to promote globally?
How SEO impact for a website?
What is SERP(Search Engine Result Page)?
What is On-page optimization and how to implement in a website?
Types of SEO (On-page and Off-page Optimization)
What is White hat and Black hat SEO?
Impact of White hat and Black hat SEO
What is Alexa rank
What is DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority)
What is Google Update?
What is Bounce rate and how to reduce?
What is difference between crawling and Indexing?
What is Dofollow and Nofollow link?
Organic SEO VS Paid SEO?

Basic Concept of SEF (Search Engine Friendly) Website Development
How to make a website more SEO friendly website
Example a SEO Friendly Website and how to develop
What is On page Optimization and how to apply
Basic HTML Knowledge
What is Meta tag
How to Image Optimization (Alt tag)
What is Anchor tag/ Hyperlink
How to Title Tag Optimization
What is Keyword Density and how to apply on the website
How to write SEO Friendly Article for a website
Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

What is On-Page Optimization?
Details about keywords and Keyword Optimization in a website.
Creating robots.txt file.
What is Sitemap (XML sitemap)? Why we need to create Sitemap (XML Sitemap)?
How to sitemap create over online?
How to SEO plugin use and generate dynamic/automatic sitemap.
What is Google Webmaster Tools (Google and Bing)?
How to Submission a sitemap on Google/ Bing Webmaster Tools.
Details About Webmaster Tools.
How to Create and Submission Sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools
Website Speed test on google

Advance Keyword Research Tools (Google Adwords Planner)
Google Analytics (GOOGLE, STATCOUNTER)
How to Use Google Trends?
What is local SEO?
What is Global SEO?
Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

What is Google Analytics and how to setup Google Analytics Code in website
Analytics Details
What is Alexa and How it Works?
Article/Content optimization
Content Copy writing and Optimization
How to SEO friendly content writing
How to use H1,H2,H3 tag in code
What is Inbound/ internal link building
What is Out bound/ external link building
Do follow back link and it’s advantages
No follow back link
How to Maintain a Keyword Density in Content

H1,H2,H3 tag Use in code
Do follow and No follow back link
Advance Keyword Research for your Competitor
How to Competitor Analysis
Traffic rank checking from Alexa
How to use different SEO Tools
How to SEO Audit?
Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

What is Off-Page Optimization?
What is Back Link
Do follow and no follow back link details discussion
Different link building strategy
Directory submission
Blog commenting
Social bookmarking
Forum posting
What is link wheel?
How to create an effective link wheel?
What is PBN (Private Blog Network) and how it’s work?
Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

Article submission
Profile link building
Web 2.0 submission
Press release submission
Keyword rank monitor
Link building monitoring
Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

Advance SEO with Keyword Research
Google Analytics in details
Practical for keyword research
Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

Why we will share our services into others website?
How to Video Optimization in different video sharing site
Slide Share/ Presentation submission
Audio file Sharing
What is Paid and unpaid Link Building
Social Media Link Building
Corporate Link Building Strategies
Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

What is SMO (Social media optimization)
Facebook page creation
Facebook Group Creation
Linkedin Profile creation
Back link age, authority, popularity and overall quality
Ways to get High quality backlinks
Need to know what is Recent Update (Google Panda and Penguin Update)

What is SMM(Social Media marketing) and details discussion
What is SEM(Search Engine Marketing)and details discussion
What is PPC(Pay Per Click)and details discussion
What is CPC(Cost per click)and details discussion

Open discussion and FAQ Session
Practical SEO
Real life Project
Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

Outsourcing Tips for SEO and Internet Marketing
How to Affiliate Marketing
How to Blogging
How to Earn money from Internet world
Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

Google Algorithm Change Update
Penguin Update
Panda Update
Provide important power point presentation for proper SEO guideline
Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

How to WordPress SEO by using Yoast plugin
SEO Plugin Instruction
SEO Tools Instruction (SEO Moz, SEO Quake, SEMRush, Alexa tool Bar)
Real Life SEO Guideline
SEO Secrecy Tips

Help you to make a profile in freelance/outsourcing platform
Proposal Submission Instruction
How to serve the quality service

Keyword Rank in Different Search Engine Tips
How to Get more traffic for your website
How to get good position for international keywords
FAQ Session

Real Life Project Rank and Fix the On-Page issue
Guideline for real life project
Weekly reporting
FAQ Session

Advance SEO Secrecy Tips
Free SEO Tools and Addons
How to use different SEO tools
Google Business Place Submission
Bing/Yahoo Business Place Submission
FAQ Session
Details about SEO Service Tips
How to Make money

SEO Training in Bangladesh

We are here to help you and ensure that you will be benefited after finished the course from us. lots of SEO learner able to success during take this course. We hope you will be properly Educated from us! Our mission to help to SEO guy who are leading the Internet Marketing world from Bangladesh and all over the world! Yes it’s not a dream in the meanwhile our dedicated student are able to proof that we are the best Internet Marketing Specialist and SEO Expert and capable to rank any website within shortly.

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